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Nov 24, 2013 6:30pm PST
>>> president barack obama is in seattle where he is helping democrats raise money. he has two events scheduled in the pacific northwest. he is due to come to san francisco in the morning. on his schedule, a speech in chinatown. people were lining up it today to grab a ticket. >> reporter: a steady stream of supporters line up early to hear president barack obama speak. the president's bay area public appearance is at the betty recreation center in chinatown. the president will use this neighborhood of immigrants as a backdrop for his renewed push on immigration reform. josh wolf says the chinatown location is perfect. >> our country is built on immigrants. and, everyone's story is an immigrant story. >> it is a quick visit. but some say it is sending one clear message. the two-term president is losing his political capitol. take the price to wine and dine with the president at the jazz center. as we get closer to the event organizers slash it. >> he has been here nine times, people are tired of writing those checks to barack obama even in the democratic bay area. >> reporter: he will not wat
Nov 3, 2013 6:30pm PST
for the future. but, it may have to go down at other times, too. good evening. obama care's is back on-line. but fixing the political fall out will prove to be a more challenging task. >> reporter: it is the web site that, instead of providing health care for millions of americans, provided more political fights. >> they are trying to change a tire on a car going 75 miles an hour down the expressway. >> reporter: the government tech team continues to fix problems with the web site say lightning rod against the plan itself. >> there are so many destroyers in the house, in the public, in the private health care sector that just want to destroy. >> reporter: our kpix political insiders agree. >> every glitch that is going to happen with it will be seized on to the republicans and they will say your health care plan stinks. >> reporter: another glitch many of the providers plans no longer hold up. he said you can keep it. >> he was not telling the truth. >> reporter: 48 million americans do not have insurance. by 2014 everyone has to have it or face a pen
Nov 17, 2013 6:30pm PST
detainee from setting foot on u.s. soil, and president obama vowing to shut the prison down, life at gitmo grinds on. we were given a tour of camp five echo block, where detainees began to protest the moment we arrived. it was the first time video cameras were allowed inside this wing of the facility where detainees who have attacked military guards are held. we were told to move as fast as possible. >> rose: billionaires don't usually like to talk about their wealth, but this group has. they and others like them have all pledged to give at least half of their incredible
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3